What is Essence?


Essence is a raiding guild. Our efforts are focused on seeing new end-game content.

We are friends. We are committed to each other. A big part of our fun is in the fact that we are doing new things together. If this guild were only about loot, none of us would be here.

We work together to make things happen. We cannot be successful individually without the group being successful as a whole. That means that we are unselfish. We celebrate the accomplishments of our fellows as much as we appreciate our own.

We respect one another. We consider the impacts of our actions on our friends and control ourselves accordingly. Essence is an adult guild, so we ask that ALL applicants be 18+ when they apply.


  • Raid all end-game content
  • Enjoy ourselves while fulfilling the first goal


Our rules are simple:

  • Respect your guild mates at all times
  • Adhere to Blizzard's Terms of Service
  • Verbal abuse in gchat, forums, or PMs
  • Undermining the guild in any way
  • Applying to other guilds
  • Being deceitful
  • Being selfish
  • Instigating or perpetuating drama
  • Leaving raids without reason
  • Having the best possible gear with quality gems and enchants
  • Showing up on time
  • Being repaired
  • Having all required mats, including pots, candles, seeds, and powders
  • Listening to the Raid Leader
  • Following directions
  • Sticking with the raid until the end

People who don't show up on time, are never repaired or prepared, are disruptive, or who drop raids without a good reason will find themselves uninvited to the next raid and removed from the guild once the officers feel they have had too many problems with said person.

People are encouraged to provide input and opinions on strategies and tactics. Just don't do it during a raid. If the Raid Leader asks for suggestions during a raid, then speak up; otherwise, wait until the raid is over.

Each role will maintain a separate chat channel to discuss tactics and set assignments. Roughly, roles equate to Tanks, Melee, Ranged, and Healing. 

We use an EPGP system (described in a separate post). People are free to spend their Points as they wish. People are expected to place the needs of the raid before their own.

Be forewarned that if you do any of these things, you will be removed. Our threshold for tolerating transgressions is low and dropping.

If you have a problem, tell us. If you decide that we aren't the guild for you, then gquit -- we won't take it personally. The more up-front you are with us, the more we will respect you.

Guild Activities

Guild members may not raid progression content outside of the guild; this is cause for immediate dismissal from the guild. Everyone on the raid roster is expected to be available for every raid. Content that is not on our schedule, such as Naxx, is open.


We do not allow members to have alts in other guilds on the Fenris server. Doing so splits people's loyalties and is not healthy for this guild. Members may have alts that are unguilded or in our alt guild <Herbal Essences>.

Raid Times

We raid four days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 9-12


We are a serious raiding guild, meaning that we require 75% of raid days to be met. If you simply cannot raid, then you should not be in a raiding guild. Members are asked to give at least 24-hours notice when they will be absent. This allows leadership to plan a night's raid accordingly. Being absent unexpectedly and without reason shows disrespect to the other 24 members of that raid and to the entire guild. A high rate of absence shows a lack of commitment to the promises made when accepted as a member of this guild.

Members may miss up to 1 raid nights in a week with adequate notice without arousing undue concern. Patterned absences or consistently missing the maximum number of raids per month may trigger Council action. Raids cancelled or not scheduled by the guild will not count against anyone. Though we have made allowances for absences, members are still expected to be available to every raid.

We are reasonable people and understand that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances will occur. Exceptions for absences, either planned or unplanned, may be made at the discretion of the Council. Exceptions will not count against anyone. Every case is considered separately and exceptions granted as we feel they are warranted. Granted exceptions may be removed with cause at any time by the Council.

Falling below the attendance requirement or failing to show without notice even once may result in a reduction in membership status to Recruit. Recruits are under review; they still earn Effort Points but full members get first choice on items. Full member status may be returned once attendance improves.

Members with continuing attendance issues jeopardize their raid slot. For example, the guild may recruit to ensure adequate coverage for that member’s position. Chronic problems may lead to a member being removed from the guild. We will track historical attendance for each member; trends will factor in Council decisions.

Players who have previous agreements with the Council over attendance will be grandfathered in. If you have a major life change that impacts availability, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

Guild Size

The guild will provide enough players to consistently meet our raiding schedule. This means that we will guarantee at least 25 people online for every raid. The total size of the guild may fluctuate according to our current roster's ability to raid.

Different classes may have different membership quotas. Recruiting will reflect these conditions.

Membership Levels

Members have full rights and privileges of the guild. This includes making suggestions, providing feedback to guild leadership, adhering to the guild policies, and projecting a positive image of the guild to the rest of the server and the WoW community in general.

Veteran members handle the application process including evaluation of and recommendations on applicants, and provide input into the running of the guild. They have limited power to handle problems in the absence of Council members.

Council makes final decisions in guild policy and direction, are the final arbiter of all disputes, handle discipline issues, and send invitations to the guild. They are the point of contact for other guilds.


Guildies are encouraged to speak their minds on all things, in a respectful and dignified manner. No one has ever been kicked from this guild for having an opinion different from that of the leadership. We will do our best to resolve things as amicably as possible. The Council’s decision is final. Continuing to dispute any decision will not be tolerated.

Guild Resources

The guild provides a Ventrilo server and a website to its members free of charge. All costs are absorbed by the guild leadership. Use of these resources must be limited to legitimate guild business. The leadership may monitor use of these resources at any time.

The Vent server accommodates both PC and Mac. Use of Vent is required for raiding and members are expected to have a microphone.

Vent can be fun. Talk with your guildies about anything, but keep it respectful. We rely on the discretion and good taste of our members to regulate themselves. Individuals are responsible for knowing which conversations they wish to participate in and for switching Vent channels as needed.

Use of Vent during raids is strictly policed. Few people need to be talking. If the Raid Leader talks, everyone listens. Rants are not permitted. Misbehavior in Vent during raids is grounds for termination from the guild.

The website contains all guild-related information. All members are expected to read the forums regularly. If information is posted, then there is no excuse for not knowing it.

The website can also be a place to have fun. General rules still apply (be respectful of other guildies). Have serious discussions about strats and specs, or just link your favorite video.

Anyone caught abusing these resources will be removed from the guild. Abuse is defined as but not limited to the following types of behaviors:

  • Anything that violates Blizzard's Terms of Service
  • Interviewing for acceptance into another guild
  • Threatening or insulting a fellow guildie or non-guild member
  • Using deceit, lies, or misdirection to undermine confidence or generate discontent in the guild

Conduct During Raids

When we're in a raid, the rule is very simple: what the Raid Leaders say, goes. We will have two Raid Leaders for each run. They are the final authority regarding raid strategies, rosters, and tactics. Raid Leaders have full authority to boot people from the raid as they feel it necessary. A history of being booted from raids is grounds for termination from the guild.

People are expected to do their best in raids. This includes but is not limited to: